An eleven years old boy kill himself after ‘girlfriend’s’ Facebook suicide prank. According to report the boy committed suicide after his 13 years old girlfriend posted fake note about her suicide on Facebook.

The boy who committed suicide is Tysen Benz who had been attempted to hang himself on 14 March. His mother Katrina Goss has narrate that her son was in love with a 13 years old girl and who is the reason behind the suicidal attempt by her son took place.

Tysen’s mother Katrina Goss told that he was a happy-go-lucky child before he became involved with the 13 years old teenager. “He was the happiest, most joyous child until he met her, she was mean to him, controlled him and took advantage of him,” she said. “Even after I repeatedly told her to leave him alone.”

Tysen’s minor girlfriend allegedly faked her own suicide note on social media for just prank, and used her friends’ Facebook accounts to “confirm” her own death.

Tysen believed her and tense after her girlfriend death news. After that he said that he is going to kill himself.

According to The New York Post, Captain Mike Kohler of the Marquette Police Department confirmed there’s an investigation into Tyson’s death, but declined to comment directly on the mother’s allegations.

“If criminal charges are going to come out of this, they’ll be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review,” Kohler told The NY Post.


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