Can any one gift a ‘mogri’ or a wooden bat to a newly-married couple? Yes, this is not just a joke, a Madhya Pradesh minister Gopal Bhargava presented an unusual gift for nearly 700 new brides — a mogri or a wooden bat – at a mass marriage ceremony.

Generally, the mogri is used to wash clothes, the minister gifted and advised the brides to use it on their alcoholic or abusive husbands if they turn harass them, and refuse to mend their ways.

He ordered 10,000 bats to be gifted to brides and or woman who is suffering form alcoholic husbands. Each gifted ‘mogri’ is also captioned that ‘sharabiyon ke sutara hetu bhent, police nahi bolegi’ (gift for beating drunkards, police will not intervene).

Gopal Bhargava is Madhya Prdesh State minister of panchayati raj and rural development, gifted the wooden bats to nearly 700 brides during a mass marriage ceremony in his hometown Garhakota in Sagar district.

The minister also advised women to first have a word with their husbands and make them understand the ill effects of drinking, and if they don’t listen, then let the mogri do the talking. He also asked the new brides to plant saplings, stop all illegal activities in their villages and ensure that children get proper education.

Mr Bhargava feels that the bats are a step towards bringing social change, necessary to deal with the menace of alcoholism.


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