Tim Cook and other Apple execs share the latest innovations at the San Jose Convention Center in WWDC 2017 event. Apple announced a lot of new innovative product and services in the event. The company announced its most powerful Mac yet, a Siri speaker-Apple HomePod, iOS 11, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, Mac OS-High Sierra and lots of new software upgrades across all of the Apple platforms.

Below are the summarize of the Apple WWDC 2017 announcement.

Apple HomePod: Apple announce its most awaited a new product line up called Apple HomePod which is actually a Siri based smart speaker. The 7 inch Apple HomePod runs on an Apple A8 chip. You may ask it to to play Beats 1 Radio, weather forecast, set a timer. The $350 priced device also control HomeKit devices.

Apple announced latest Powerful Mac: Apple new iMac Pro comes with processors up to 22 teraflops, memory up to 128 gigs, and 4 terabytes of storage. Apple MacBooks and iMacs will upgrade with Intel’s super efficient Kaby Lake processors.

New Mac OS-High Sierra:Apple announced a new mac OS in the event called High Sierra. Apple new High Sierra OS comes with built-in autoplay blocking and intelligent tracking prevention to hide cross-site scripting data. The High Sierra also comes with new Apple File System that built-in crash protection.

Amazon partners with Apple TV: Apart from the Apple TV 50 integrated partners a new partner Amazon also added which will build its Prime Video library into Apple TVs later this year.

Apple Watch Brings AI: In WWDC 2017 Apple launched WatchOS 4 with a new watchface powered by Siri that automatically displays the relevant information. Siri will automatically show your calendar next coming event, your reminders, photo memories etc.

iOS 11: Apple new iOS 11 announced with new features like do not disturb while driving, Messages with more apps including Apple Pay, redesigned App Store, and a refresh on the control center.

AR on iPhone: Like Facebook, Google, and other tech giant Apple focus on AR for iPhone. Using computer vision, iPhone can now detect surfaces and add AR objects on top of them.

More Intelligent Siri: Siri is now more intelligent translate voices in five new languages. Now Siri can learn how you use your device to better anticipate your needs. If Siri notices you’ve been spending a lot of time searching for “hotels in Iceland,” it might bring up some Iceland-related articles in Apple News.

iPad Pro 10.5-inch: In WWDC 2017 Apple also introduced the new 10.5-inch iPad which is almost the same size as the 9.7″ model, but without bezels. it is the fastest model yet, with a six-core A10X Fusion. It also brings HDR video to an iPad for the first time.


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