A video has become an internet sensation after a miracle baby walking Immediately after Being Born. The sensational video clip was uploaded to Facebook and after that amazingly it was viewed 72 million and over 1.6 million shared.

The baby walking Immediately after Being Born belongs to Brazil. The video was posted on Facebook by Arlete Arantes from Brazil. The video shows a newborn baby, being supported by a nurse, lifting one foot, and then the other, in movements that walking.

Everyone in the video is astounded at the strength of the newborn baby and what they’re witnessing. It’s not clear who the baby’s parents are or in which hospital she was born. various commentors on facebook are calling the newborn baby a ‘miracle baby’.

Usually, a baby won’t start walking until around 12 months old, and certainly not before crawling, sitting up and being able to hold their own head up. But the miracle baby stunned the world by walking Immediately after Being Born.

Watch this miraculous video below and comment your thoughts.


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