A private school named ‘Highgate’ in north London is in news nowadays for their unique consideration regarding the school gender-neutral uniforms.

Highgate School may allow their male student to choose gender-neutral uniforms in the future for handling the gender identity issues.

Currently, in the school, only girls are allowed to wear skirts and trousers, but school management wants to extend this to all their students including boys. So in near future, if this plan implemented successfully “Boys may wear skirts as uniform in school.”
Boys may wear skirts

Here it is noticeable that in the school boys under 16 would also be allowed to wear earrings for the first time. The Highgate School students are already allowed to choose what gender they are referred to as and accordingly
they permitted to wear a school dress.

The Highgate school headmaster Adam Pettitt told the Sunday Times that ‘This generation is really questioning [if we are] being binary in the way we look at things’.

Mr Pettitt also added: ‘Former students write in and say if you left children to their own devices they would grow up differently and you are promoting the wrong ideas.’

But this plan is not so easy to implement in school because not everyone agrees with the proposals. Some former students think that school is planting their ideas into the minds of the children. So the school decide to consult parents before making any final decision about it.


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