Nowadays any phone comes with a battery that gives them the power to run, without the battery a phone is a dead machine. But in the coming day scenario may be entirely changed, means in future we will have a kind of phone which has no battery at all for the power. Isn’t It amazing, a phone without any battery!

The unbelievable things going to happen due to Vamsi Talla and Smith. At the University of Washington in Seattle, both researchers found that his dead cell phone could still make a call.

In Smith’s lab, they developed a technique called ‘backscatter’. This developed technique allows communications between devices by reflecting radio waves.

Talla says that analog technology is more power efficient. If we convert analog human speech to digital signals, it consumes a lot of power in the process. Even though dialing numbers is a digital process using digital signals; the voice calling–a backscatter process–is completely analog.

Talla’s developed no battery phone is basically made to save power that works on signals from a nearby base station that comes within the range of just 15 meters. “Real cell towers have a hundred times as much power, and would increase the range to perhaps a kilometer,” says Talla.

A large display phone needs more power than a small display phone. So right now the Talla’s developed no battery phone has a small display that relatively needs very less power. For now, the phone display consists of just a small red LED light which blinks when we operate the phone. It has a touch-pad meeting the most basic needs.

Talla promises to come out with a more featured phone, specifically with a better call quality. Smith says it would be cheaper yet more beneficial.


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