Last year Amazon unveiled a concept of automated Go grocery store, but a few months later the project postponed. But in China, a startup has already unveiled its futuristic store similar to Amazon Go Store called the Bingobox store.

The started Bingobox is a handful of staffless convenience stores where customers open the door with help of preinstalled app on their phone and also pay the bill with their phone itself.
Bingobox store
The Chinese startup launched its first Bingobox store last month in Shanghai after a few months of testing in its home city, Zhongshan, in southern China.

The Bingobox store stocks hundreds of items, including a small selection of fresh foods. The unattended smart store houses more than 800 products and is open 24/7.

Here is step by step guide about how customers shop in Bingobox outlet.

  • First of all, customers need to install WeChat messaging app and register on it.
  • Shopper use the WeChat app’s inbuilt scanner to scan a QR code that identifies the customer and opens the doors to the store.
  • The customer has to scan each item’s barcode at checkout.
  • Payments can be made either via WeChat using mobile wallet apps or Alibaba’s mobile wallet app, Alipay.
  • While leaving the store, a camera checks you’re taking out only the stuff you paid for.
  • In-store cameras use facial recognition to check for unregistered users who shouldn’t be on the premises.

As the futuristic Bingobox store is staff less so the outlet inbuilt with a human customer support line via video link for any kind of support. This outlet is also moveable so the franchise owner can put it where they like.

For stock-taking and refilling purposes a human staff is needed – which the startup claims can be done in just 20 minutes by one employee only. A total of 4 employees are all it takes to run 40 such BingoBox stores.


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