The general perception in our society regarding the wealthy means economically or financially rich. Rare one believes that wealthy also co-relate with knowledge, peace, self-satisfaction.

Nowadays a news related to Gujarat board topper is going to be viral on the internet, due to his wish that he wants to become a Jain Monk. Perhaps all of us feel amazing for his future dreams. Why we are feeling amazing regarding his Monkhood dreams, the simple answer is in the Ist paragraph in this article. Our society just relates any success to economics, finance. No one is trying to understand or simple co-relate that success, is not just related to finance, it is the matter of self-satisfaction, peace, and of course gaining knowledge.

Perhaps our society in the first impression thoughts that the boy must become economically rich by choosing his career like Doctor, Engineer or Civil services. But the topper boy in the Gujarat board wants to become understand and feel peace, knowledge, and self-satisfaction.

17-year-old Varshil Shah from Gujrat who got 99.9 percent in Class 12 and become topper in Gujrat board. He wants to become a Jain monk. Varshil Shah belongs to a middle-class family in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and his family also support him to become Monk. Varshil will take Diksha on June 8 which will be held in Gandhinagar.

According to Varshil’s uncle, the result was as expected. However, his uncle said that Varshil thinks that “to attain and maintain peace, renouncing the world is the only way.”
Varshil Shah Jain Monk
Varshil Shah is the son of income-tax officer Jigarbhai and mother, Amiben Shah. He has an older sister Janine who also believes in simple life. The Varshil family lives very simple life even the use of electricity is restricted in their house. There were no freeze or TV in his house. The family who believes in the Jain principle of Jivdaya feels that many aquatic animals are killed to generate power and hence the process is against the Jain vow of ahimsa, or non-violence. Electricity at their house is used in times when it is most necessary, like when the children are studying at night.

The Varshil’s parents are happy with the path that their son has chosen to take. He had met a group of Jain monks in 2016 who he credits for having helped him concentrate and score high.

There were no major celebrations when Varshil was found to be among the toppers after the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board results were announced on May 27.


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