Gurgaon is going to run into future because in India Gurgaon is going to be first city who implement the POD Taxis for transportation. Yes, the futuristic POD TAXIS are coming to Gurgaon very soon.

Personal rapid transit (PRT), also called podcars, is a public transport mode with small automated vehicles operating on a network of specially built guideways. Pod taxis, unveiled to the world by Metrino-a PRT in which pods are suspended from an overhead rail.

POD taxis are ideal for congested areas where large metro and mono rails cannot reach smoothly. It is also a cheaper mode of transportation. As per media news the Metro costs Rs. 300 crore per kilometer and Monorail costs Rs. 170 crore for a kilometer while pod taxi network can be built for just Rs. 30 crore per kilometer.

Each POD taxi can take up to 5 passengers. While a pod can carry up to five peoples but there is also an option to hire an entire pod that will take a passenger straight to their destination, skipping the scheduled stops. For the pilot project route, 16 stations have been planned, starting near Ambience Mall Gurgaon.


Source : Metrino-a PRT

The pod taxi system can be commissioned at Gurgaon in a limited place with poles of 40 cm diameter and an elevated track of 1.6 meter width. The average speed of the pods is 60 km per hour. The pilot project will span from the Gurgaon-Delhi border to Badshapur Mod on Sohna Road and is estimated to cost Rs 850 crore. The total distance is about 13 km. The entire Grugaon PRT project financing will be done by the private company. The project may takes place the real structures and complete within a year because it does not need forest and environmental clearance. Harayana government already has the land required for the project.

Source : Metrino-a PRT

POD taxis is best solution for the future transportation because it needs less energy and runs on battery so that it cause minimal pollution. We all are waiting eagerly for the much-needed modern PRT.


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