Overweight baby girl

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research and Punjab government hospitals conducted a study regarding the obesity in which they found that more than 40 per cent of the population in Punjab is overweight.

A baby girl named Chahat from Punjab itself is struggling with overweight. The Eight-month-old Chahat whose weight is about 17 kgs(38lbs) and still her weight increasing abnormally.

According to Chahat’s mother, Reena Kumar she was born like a normal child but her weight started gaining abnormally at the age of four months.

According to her father Suraj Kumar the doctors told him that they would first need to collect blood samples to start with any kind of treatment but it turned out to be difficult as her skin is abnormally hard so the treatment wasn’t possible as the doctors couldn’t get a proper blood sample.

“Her weight is increasing excessively and it has to be controlled. She has to eat less. She eats like a 10-year-old kid.” Her excessive weight has led her to have breathing and sleeping problems. Said Dr Vasudev Sharma who has been working with Chahat since she was born.

Video Source : Barcroft


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