German carmaker Mercedes-Benz India Unit will launch the Maybach S 600 Guard on March 8’2016. The special-protection version of the Mercedes-Maybach is the first vehicle to be certified with the highest ballistic protection level, VR10, for civilian vehicles. Mercedes-Maybach will launch an armoured version of the car that comes with VR10 protection and can withstand not just bullets, but even rocket-propelled grenades.

The Maybach S 600 Guard also has an ERV (Explosive Resistant Vehicles) 2010 rating and it comes with a bodyshell that uses protective components such as special steel integrated into the hollow between the body structure and the outer skin. The windows are coated with polycarbonate on the inside for splinter protection.

The new Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard is designed to be the ideal ride for the most influential VVIPs around the world who are looking for more safety and security in luxury cars. For enhanced protection the vehicle’s outer body and structure has been developed using special integrated steel .
The Maybach S 600 Guard comes with an optional fresh-air system that circulates fresh air inside the cabin in the event of a gas attack.

The fuel in the car is not armoured but it is coated with a special material that automatically seals up any holes in case of a blast.

The Maybach S 600 Guard will be powered by a 5980cc V12 twin-turbo engine that develops 523bhp and 830Nm of torque.

The high-security version of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S 600 Guard flagship sedan can be expected at a price of over Rs 10 crore.


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